The group has been active since its inception in autumn 2011 and, to date, the work can be partitioned into two phases. Phase I of this work was carried out through summer 2012 and Phase II was initiated in autumn 2012 and these are now described.

Phase I

The approach adopted here was to conduct a survey and solicit input from the public through a website in which suggestions were be made in relation to traffic improvements.  The specifics of the initiative are as follows:

•The public launch of the initiative was on the 28th November, 2011.  There was a big emphasis on publicising the initiative through the media in the period after the launch.

•The survey ran for a period of two months up until the end of January 2012.

•The final part will be collation and assessment of the inputs and preparation of the findings.  This will take another four weeks and a coherent set of proposals will be brought forward in mid to late February.

The group engaged in extensive consultation with the public in late 2011-early 2012.  The group would like to sincerely thank the public for their tremendous contributions to this initiative. It is clear that many citizens put considerable thought and effort into their submissions and these have been invaluable. The group also appreciates the positive interaction with other organisations including the Galway Transportation Unit (GTU), An Garda Síochána and public transport providers.

This work led to the publication of a report in March 2012 in which range of implementable short term traffic measures to help alleviate some of the current difficulties were proposed. Following the publication of the report the members of the group met regularly with the GTU to press for implementation of the various recommendations.  A report was prepared in July 2012 on the implementation status. The group is particularly pleased to see that an Operational Team has now been established by the GTU and it is also pleased that a significant number of the recommendations are being implemented or will be acted on shortly.

Phase II

Phase II was initiated in autumn 2012 and it represents an important second step by the group as it seeks to further engage with the public on Galway transport issues.  Specifically the group again seeks the input from the general public with a particular focus on developments and progress in Galway transport in the recent past.  The survey runs from November 19th 2012 to January 18th, 2013.  A report on the findings will be issued in February 2013 and this report will again be presented to the key stakeholders.

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