Bishop O’Donnell/Seamus Quirke road disaster!

Seriously…I’ve put so much hope on this road reconstruction….I thought that finally they learned from another countries, they will build new shiny, traffic jams free road…Alas, I was WRONG.

What a bloody MORON planned this road??? It was supposed to be dual carriage way and now what?? A BUS LANE??? I was waiting there to see how many buses are passing there and guess what: 2 (two!!) busses passed this road in an hour! With this stupid bus lane this road is as it was before, one lane one way!

And the trees in the middle…What possed the guy who instead of additional lanes there left good 3 metres of freking useless cabbage patch?? This road was supposed to link centre with busy west side of town, now it is nothing more than secondary road with exactly the same traffic capacity like before the reconstruction…

Last thing, where the hell are bus stop bays?? Didn’t you visit any European City lately??Stopping ┬ábus in the middle of road…┬áplease!

But it is not too late, erase bus lane, broaden the road by this dirt patch in the middle, build the bays and everything will go smoothly!

Ehhh…Lack of words really…


Build the N6 outer by-pass

At least bring it as far as the N59. People working on the east side and living on the west side should not have to come into the Quincentenary Bridge to cross the river. Also the traffic for Connemara should not have to come to this bottleneck. The outer bypass is going to have to be built eventually so why not do it now. It would also provide some construction jobs for the duration of the build.

Plans for the bypass are on this web site

Find the money from somewhere – be creative – and just do it!