traffic chaos

From reading the reviews about traffic in Galway its spells out the difficulty all over the city that car users have when they drive on the roads in city. I can without doubt say that the traffic management has failed the people.I use city roads every day and its now come to a stage thats its not possible to drive through a traffic light without stopping at a red signal first. We have gone backwords in all aspects of traffic control in our city.Our so callled planners and city councilors should immediately step down as they have destroyed the way they have managed the traffic.They need to listen to the people but never have hence the reason for this forum .This forum is just another talk show and again nothing will be achieved as our so called planners will not listen..They go to all lenghts to praise themselves about the way they have implempted this traffic plan and yet the ordinary road user is suffering every day with lenghty delays at every junction…In Germany they are now taken out traffic lights at junctions and putting in roundabouts…..why you ask..because traffic is moving all the time..Cologne, for example, has replaced 200 traffic lights with roundabouts and zebra stripes in the past several years, a move which could save the city almost €4 million in energy and maintenance costs, according to the city’s own estimates. A further 90 traffic light eliminations are still expected..“The long wait at the many unnecessary traffic lights in Germany may soon be over. Communities nationwide are exploring the use of alternative traffic control systems, such as roundabouts and zebra stripes, to resolve the traffic light’s growing issues of expense and safety.” ….International research says roundabouts are safer than stoplights. That’s not exactly what’s happening here  our planners are now doing the opposite at great expense to all tax payers and road user….Take the raffic lights at monegisha..The council have cut back on 30% of road car space in order to put in traffic lights..it does not take a expert to come to the conclusion that its going to slow down the traffic…Take for example the traffic lights at Galway crystal…these lights have cerated a traffic jjam all the way back to College road junction…So much as been said about the road in Westside its shameful the money wasted here….They put in trees in the middle lane…where is the future thinking here ,why not consider a light rail system in the future…The bus lanes in this city is a joke…ive had five children some how have gone past school going age but today as in many years ago i still have to drive them to school as they cannot depend on the so called bus service….Indeed i made an enquiry about this approx 3 years ago and was told Galway City has had no more buses than it had 12 years ago….and yet we fill our roads with bus lanes…how mad is that….I could go on and write a book about the raods and bad planning in Galway City,but whats the point….Thats enough giving out by me…what we need to do now is change the planners/councillors first as we can no longer trust those who has created this suitation……Examine each junction and road and ask the qustion is this suitable for the volume of traffic using it..If not then the question must be why. what are the alternatives …Traffic out of the city must escape quicker than the traffic comming into the city policy.This requires a new road at Lough Atalia re the barracks at Renmore.We need a new bridge over the Corrib now …The Westside road needs attention urgenty(stuck
in traffic for 25 min and no bus on bus lane in all of this time).Today it takes me 55 min approx to cross the city and return again .I predict that in a few short years it will double to this..A new traffic department needs to be set up in Galway City immediately ,This department should have a strong representation of the public in each area who use our roads within the city ,If we ignore this we the the people of Galway City will have a city thats will forever remain a nightmare.