Briarhill traffic lights

Are these lights driving anyone else coming from the Monivea Road/Doughiska direction in the morning mental.

What’s with letting 4 cars only out at a time or 1 bus. How the hell is this helping traffic???

More often then not, the traffic on the dual carriageway (from Oranmore) heading towards Parkmore/Carnmore seem to ignore the red lights and end up blocking the road which means those of us coming from the Clayton side miss our chance to go.

They really need to do something about this.

2 comments on “Briarhill traffic lights

  1. Liam O'Grady on said:

    Now you are beginning to see the problems created when a traffic management strategy is followed rather than a traffic reduction strategy. Nothing will change until the city’s authorities come to their senses and implement changes to school transport, bus routing and scheduling, cycling facilities, car pooling, park-and-ride, more pedestrianisation etc. – in other words things have have not been done, or done poorly or cosmetically to date. Continue to be frustrated for a long time into the future!

    • frustrated motorist on said:

      if people wont adhere to the rules of the road – stop on amber , never mind red , then there is going to be issues , the traffic flow needs to be enforced

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