Bishop O’Donnell/Seamus Quirke road disaster!

Seriously…I’ve put so much hope on this road reconstruction….I thought that finally they learned from another countries, they will build new shiny, traffic jams free road…Alas, I was WRONG.

What a bloody MORON planned this road??? It was supposed to be dual carriage way and now what?? A BUS LANE??? I was waiting there to see how many buses are passing there and guess what: 2 (two!!) busses passed this road in an hour! With this stupid bus lane this road is as it was before, one lane one way!

And the trees in the middle…What possed the guy who instead of additional lanes there left good 3 metres of freking useless cabbage patch?? This road was supposed to link centre with busy west side of town, now it is nothing more than secondary road with exactly the same traffic capacity like before the reconstruction…

Last thing, where the hell are bus stop bays?? Didn’t you visit any European City lately??Stopping ┬ábus in the middle of road…┬áplease!

But it is not too late, erase bus lane, broaden the road by this dirt patch in the middle, build the bays and everything will go smoothly!

Ehhh…Lack of words really…

4 comments on “Bishop O’Donnell/Seamus Quirke road disaster!

  1. JS Molloy on said:

    Obviously someone who believes roads are just for car owners.
    Seamus Quirke Road is a fabulous scheme that has really delivered for cyclist and public transport. If those who can use these options do then, those that MUST drive will have a better experience also.

    • Not obviously. I have a bike which I use a lot (in summer mostly because this country doesn’t allow otherwise). But riding it along O’Donnell road is a hazardous thing to do. Why? Because when going straight on the traffic lights next to the Aldi cyclist are on the collision course with cars turning left there! Again, somebody sold his brain when thinking this over…There should be a TRAFFIC LIGHT for cyclist lane! And being both a driver and a cyclist I know what I’m talking about! Cyclists who want to go straight often end up in the car’s blind zone and are in very dangerous situation of being pushed by the turning car. Cyclist should be stopped or the cycling lane should be diverted there to the pedestrians crossing nearby…And such situations are numerous along this road! Again: this road is a DISASTER.

      • Liam O'Grady on said:

        The road development on Seamus Quirke Road is a disaster not because it isn’t a dual carriageway, but because it doesn’t link in to a city that has bus lanes, cycle lanes and improved bus services like it does. It’s an island effectively. If the entire city were designed like this, traffic volumes would reduce slightly making things better overall. Of course the problem is that it would just be a slight change when what we’re really looking for is major change. We will only get this when school buses carry at least 50% of all the students attending schools/colleges every morning, more bus routes and improved scheduling, the bus lanes allow car poolers (when we get schemes up and running!) to use them, park-and rides on the city’s eastern suburbs and an improved, joined-up cycle lane network. These things ain’t gonna happen any time soon so be prepared to be frustrated in the future. Of course things like synchronised lights and bus bays will improve things very slightly in the short term, but that’s all.

  2. Pat Ridge on said:

    17 Million down the drain

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