Rahoon rd bus pass


I was driving today behind 411 line bus on Rahoon road. Bus driver did not even bother himself to go on new bus lane from cemetery, and he was right.

Who decided to do bus lane from cemetery  but not to facilitate bus lane through junction with O’Donnell road?

Current situation means every euro spend on this project was WASTED! as there is no profit for driver to use this lane as he would have to back to ordinary lane just before junction. Only way to improve it is to remove current island preventing cars to stand on cycle lane and make joint bus lane + cycle path  to allow bus turn left without re-engage to general line. Otherwise I would claim every euro spend on this project!!

Entire different story is that this lane is to be used by drivers from CityDirect. Does anyone of them understand idea of bus line? Think twice. My history using this line is always mystery which way driver decide to go today. Number of times drivers at line 411 driving Shangort road from Joyces are turning left and go trough Barna Road instead of turn up the hill to Western Distributor Road. Just to save them-selfs hassle of turning back on Cappagh Road. Why they bother printing map with routes if they do not force drivers to follow it!! Unreliability of this line should be seriously investigated up to withdrawing license and replacing them by Bus Eireann.

Regards Andrzej


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