Seamus Quirke Rd Bus Lane Bollards at ESB sub-station

The bus lane was running quite well until recently. Now someone has decided to put bollards at the entrance to the ESB sub-station near the Rahoon Rd jn. This forces buses back out into traffic!!! Why was this crazy idea implemented? To allow ESB trucks (one a week maybe) safe access into the sub-station? This is a major inconvenience to traffic during rush-hour

One comment on “Seamus Quirke Rd Bus Lane Bollards at ESB sub-station

  1. I was wondering about this too, but I presume it’s to ensure it is safe for cars coming from Bearna direction who want to turn right onto the Rahoon Rd. Before these bollards were put in, it was difficult to see if a bus/taxi was coming along the inside lane, as the main traffic lane obstructed the view.
    However I agree it’s not ideal that the buses have to merge back with the main traffic. Perhaps the traffic light for the bus-lane should have been put at the Rahoon Rd. entrance, rather than the Gleann Dara entrance?

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